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The journal Culture Unbound has a new issue out entitled "Uses of the Past: Nordic Historical Cultures in a Comparative Perspective", edited by Peter Aronsson. Of the articles no less than seven are written by scholars from Nordic Spaces, representing three of the sub-projects.

Published on on December 23, 2010

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For over a decade studies of the uses of the past have been a prominent trait of cultural research when it comes to fields such as nationalism, monuments and museums. The representation of Nordic cultures has in its turn a historical reputation that stretches from the Vikings and the Thirty Years’ War to the idea of a modern Nordic welfare state. It has never been exactly clear what to incorporate in the Nordic cultural sphere or how to handle unity and difference to reconstruct and renegotiate national identity. This ambivalence has been productive and transported images and values across borders and spheres.

This thematic section explores these images by highlighting Nordic experiences of uses of the past in a European and international context. Ten articles on subjects such as the performance of Scandinavian heritage in the US, the cultural heritage of the Cold war and museum building and regional and national identity give a rich and diverse perspective on the local and global use of Nordic History.

Featured articles are:

Peter Aronsson, “Uses of the Past – Nordic Historical Cultures in a Comparative Perspective”
Stuart Burch
, “Norden, Reframed”
Magdalena Hillström
, “Contested Boundaries: Nation, People and Cultural History Museums in Sweden and Norway 1862-1909”
Carl Marklund & Peter Stadius
, “Acceptance and Conformity: Merging Modernity with Nationalism in the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930”
Per Strömberg
, “Swedish Military Bases of the Cold War: The Making of a New Cultural Heritage”
Eglė Rindzevičiūtė
, “Soviet Lithuanians, Amber and the ‘New Balts’: Historical Narratives of National and Regional Identities in Lithuanian Museums, 1940-2009
Lizette Gradén
, “A Present from the Past”
Anders Houltz
, “Captives of Narrative: Scandinavian Museum Exhibits and Polar Ambitions”
Marzia Varutti
, “Using Different Pasts in a Similar Way: Museum Representations of National History in Norway and China”
Tanja Schult
, “Whose Raoul Wallenberg is it? The Man and the Myth: Between Memory, History and Popularity”

Along with this thematic section the journal also features three new articles within the wider field of cultural research:

Helene Brembeck and Barbro Johansson, “Foodscapes and Children’s Bodies “
Katherine Giuffre
, “Half the Right People: Network Density and Creativity”
Carmen L. McClish
, “Orange Houses and Tape Babies: Temporary and Nebulous Art in Urban Spaces”

You can access all articles for free at:

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural research is an open access e-journal that seeks to be a forum for contemporary, cutting edge cultural research from a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas. We also welcome new article manuscripts in all areas of cultural research, as well as proposals for future theme sections.

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